Why Do Good Students Lose Marks in Examinations?

So you’ve studied really hard, you know all the answers in the examination, and you even finished early and double checked your paper.  However, when the results come out, you only scored a B, or worse still, a C.

What happened?

I have had so many students who face this similar problem.  They are great students, from very reputable schools, who have excellent minds and memory.  Yet, something happens during those 2 hours of the exam paper that results in a disappointing finish to the year.

The answer is actually frustratingly simple.  In the years that I have spent setting examination papers, and grading them after that, I have come across countless scripts from excellent students who know all the right answers, but somehow I can’t give them the maximum marks.  Why?

Because, just having the knowledge is not enough to score at examinations.

Here’s the secret.  There are so many students out there, and each student needs to be graded within a very short time after the exam.  In order to be fair, examiners need to mark their answers according to a script (or a model answer) that has been pre-set before the exam even takes place.  Therefore, if the answer does not contain the required information in the model answer, even though it is clearly apparent that the student knows his work, it is UNFAIR for the examiner to give him full marks!  This is one of the most common reasons why students lose marks in examinations.

There are many other reasons why students lose marks in examinations.  Simple things like structuring the answer clearly such that the examiner does not have to search for the answer, or underlining keywords to ensure that the examiner does not miss your answers.

There are also many different answering techniques for the different types of questions.  Some questions have a specific format for answering while others require freeform answers.  A good student will be equipped to identify these questions, and learn how to answer them concisely and accurately for maximum marks.

I teach all this, and many other smart examination strategies in my classes. To give yourself a headstart, please give me a call at 64748101 to book a class now.

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